Nestled amidst the vibrant and inspiring landscapes of Australia is where you’ll find Half Slice Studio, my indie game sanctuary. I’m Laurence, the face behind this little operation, wearing the hat of a solo developer. Though it’s a one-man show, the journey is seldom lonely as I have a bunch of incredibly talented freelance pals who jump in to lend a hand whenever needed. Together, we venture into the delightful realm of casual gaming, creating accessible and enjoyable experiences.

Initially, the 3D gaming world was my playground, where crafting whimsical narratives and engaging visuals was the order of the day. And before long, the allure of 2D gaming also caught my fancy. Whichever dimension we are playing in, the end game is always to deliver a warm, inviting, and fun-filled escapade to whoever hops in.

Desktop gaming is where my heart is and the inception of “Potion Shopkeeper” is a testament to that love. The game unfolds a quaint little world where every click takes you on a charming journey, bubbling with casual fun and relaxed exploration. It’s not just about brewing potions; it’s about brewing smiles and easy-going enjoyment, one casual gamer at a time.

Venturing into the universe of digital gaming with “Potion Shopkeeper” has been a brew of passion, creativity, and the simple joy of creating a space where gamers can unwind and have fun. Here at Half Slice Studio, it’s about sprinkling a little magic into the everyday, making sure there’s always a cozy digital nook awaiting your return, ready to whisk you into a world brimming with playful charm and easy adventures. So, pull up a chair, dive in, and let’s have some fun together in this enchanting potion world!